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07-21-2010, 03:06 PM
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Generally applaud the thought of trying to suggest a deal with a little something for both sides;;;; however, execution of that thought is a no.

replying to Alexyz2618
As to a reworking of this deal including Kreider, big time NO.
Everybody repeat after me, Kreider is the next Dave Keon.
If the best players in the league are offered for Kreider, I still want to explore an alternate route to see if they'll take something in lieu of Krieder.

As to the original variation of the original deal, Hagelin for Byers, I'm not sure I move Hagelin, and am leaning against.

In interests of objective discussion, Rosival is a defensive D, not an offensive one.
He usually plays a very good D game as to stick checking, shot blocking, etc.; he is ordinary but minimally acceptable as to playing the man.
Where R gets into trouble is while playing a solid game 14, 15+ min per nite, he will often make 1-3 blunders, and they're usually big blunders. That's the current flaw he's developed in his game. That aside, he's reliable.

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