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07-21-2010, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Ensane View Post
Regardless of the true value of Roszival, the player, what difference does it make when it's been stated that the Avs don't need a player of his style, especially if it means removing Hannan from the lineup?

Hannan's overpaid. Roszival's overpaid. Fine. But the Avs take on salary here, and as we've seen from this offseason, management has a very very low internal budget cap, and thus shown no desire to take on any extra salary.

So with these two as centerpieces, the trade just doesn't make sense--at least from an Avs point of view, and once that's realized, the trade falls apart and the discussion is pretty much meaningless.
Actually, you'd be saving salary, at least this year. Rozy will make 4 mil this year and 3 mil next year. Hannan will make 4.5 mil this year.

Either way, I don't really see any reason to do this deal. It doesn't do anything for the Rangers other than clear some cap space for next offseason. But we can do that by trading Rozy next offseason (or at the deadline if we are out of it), and maybe actually get something of value back for him (a pick probably). I like that idea better than making a lateral move and then letting Hannan go for nothing.

Rozy with 1 year left @ 3 mil in actual salary will be attractive to teams that don't spend to the cap.

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