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07-21-2010, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Ruckus007 View Post
Maybe, but they may feel the same way about Ott too. Kaleta's track record is of a guy who will cross the line with a late and/or high hit. But that represents a minority of his hits not the majority, as "they" seem to think. He also won't fight people bigger than him, which is what I think is really what gets under fans' skins, more just than the hits.

Matt Cooke's career of blatantly illegal injury attempts, Jarkko Ruutu's clownship behavior, Kaleta's nowhere near that and you know it.
but remember... your opinions of Cooke and Ruutu are of the same vein. You only remember the major incidents. The same goes for other fans, and the 5 or so "cheap" hits/injuries that Kaleta has thrown.

Basically... what im saying... its ****ing pointless to debate on the main board.

i ****ing love kaleta. i love everything about his game. trying to prove his value and why we love him to other fan bases is ridiculous... just like a nucks fan trying to prove to you and me how good Cooke is...

i hate the Kaleta threads on the main board.

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