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07-21-2010, 05:27 PM
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My solutions to fix the CBA: (in order of preference)

1. Do the obvious. The cap hit for the year is the salary for that year. I have no idea why it wasn't like this to begin with. Its easy, simple, and fair.

2. As already suggested, put a max difference in the salary of multi year contracts.

3. Use a sliding scale to limit the length of contracts. Something like this

< 24 years - 10 year max
25-28 - 7 year max
29-32 - 5 years max
33-37 - 4 year max
38+ - 3 year max

Just pulled those numbers out of my head. Obviously could use some refining.

The best option is clearly just making the cap hit and the salary the same, but any/all of these would help.

On a side note, I find it interesting that the NHL allowed similar contracts (i.e. Hossa) to go through, but they drew the line here. The devils fans are of course playing the "everyone hates us" card, which i dont believe is fully true. I do think that Bettman picks favorites, which is part of the reason Hossa to Chicago was allowed to pass, but nothing as blatant as they're saying. I think the NHL saw the snowball effect forming and stopped it before it turned into an avalanche. Its unfortunate that the others were allowed through, but im glad they drew a line somewhere.

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