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07-22-2010, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by ERC91 View Post

And Stoll is a player that many LA fans (at least at the main board) seem to wish out quite quickly.
Mostly Kurrilino

Originally Posted by ERC91 View Post
Again: I didn't say that it was a good proposal for you, but a "no, I don't think that this is fair value." would have been enough instead of saying "hey this is so dumb, **** off here" (which was basically the content of what you said).
Read the whole thread. I was nice to the OP originally, and Edmonton fan replied that a counter was ridiculous, I replied that it still wasn't as bad at the OP's, then He said

For a person who considered Souray "free" 2 weeks ago, I don't think you really deserve an opinion.
What do you care any way?
Can he not fight his own battles?
Especially ones that He escalated?

Also I was right about the reported deal. It appears it was 80M for 15 years, not 13

That would reopen the door to the Kings, who offered Kovalchuk $80 million over 15 years and structured the deal to avoid the drastic, late drop-off that has been incorporated in other lengthy deals and was taken to an extreme by the Devils.
80/15=5.33333333, so add that caop space back in and realize the Kings indeed hahad the money for Souray and IK.

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