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07-22-2010, 11:01 AM
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Nice video Beavboyz ... I would only add that people need to be able to look down their their shaft at the target after the shot in their followthrough. I see lots of beginners have their shaft and blade pointing away off the net after their shot and wonder why they missed the net.

Your video shows what I am talking about anyway but thought i would point it out to someone still learning this.

The other thing I do anyway is to take a look where I am shooting during the followthrough just as I start the windup and for part of the followthrough.

What I mean is I take a look, start the windup loooking, start the downswing loooking but then look at the puck and a micro second after hitting the puck taking a look at my target again.

I get more accuracy from taking two looks, the first look is the longest and the second is more of a split second tweak to ensure the first look was correct.

It sounds complex but it isn't, your video looks like you were doing the same thing but thought I would explain how i feel when shooting lol.


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