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07-22-2010, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Wow. What age are you? Your vision of happiness is superficial and irrealistic. Are you happy? I wonder this, because you don't seem to understand how happiness works, or rather, you base happiness on your own set of values, a set of values that are unrelated to what makes most people happy.

My Dad always had more money than my Mother, they've been divorced since I was 1 year old. But my Mom has always been the happiest.

Your formula for hapiness is tainted with materialism and a lack of spirituality. Getting more money doesn't create happiness. If it does, it is only temporarily and of very short term. The most happy people I've met in my life weren't rich, and the rich people I've met weren't necessarily happy.

The appetite that drives people to get money is greed. Intense greed is a mental disorder, where someone always wants more money, and doesn't become happy unless he gets more, but only temporarily, he then has to get more, and more, and ends-up always unhappy of not having enough. The richest people on the planet (the real ones, not the Forbes list) are extremely greedy, and from hearing direct stories of them and their life, I can tell you that their children are unhappy and often commit suicide, the parents are unhappy and driven by materialism.

That's the biggest problem in our society. People running around with a mental disorder called greed. It is central to everything that is happening on this planet. Greedy people are among the least happy people.

You seriously need to start doing some introspection, because you don't have a clue how true happiness is attained.
Indeed. I wish him to have good social support if his situation does happen to change someday... this kind of beliefs is a recipe for this mental disaster True happiness is obtained through perseverance, tolerance, wisdom, patience and many more values from the inner-self. The environment, however tempting it might be, is not responsible for our state of mind: our cognitive pattern (our reactions) are.

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