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07-22-2010, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by CerpinTaxt View Post
That aside, I dont expect Leighton to be "the roman empire of goalies", just saying that he has more upside then Turco. Obviously because Turco is on the decline, and Leighton could be on the rise.
Who says Turco is on decline? It is possible he does not have anythign left but according to who? Didn't Holmgren traded for Turcos rights to talk to him and tried to sign him BEFORE July 1st?

Originally Posted by CerpinTaxt View Post
I also said that Leighton is a stop gap until one of our prospects pan out (or both. Could see a Bobrovsky-Eriksson in two years).
Stop gap? You do realize that both Pronger and Timonen are not getting any younger. Both Pronger and Timonen did not have any serious injuries for about 5-6-7 or even 8 years while logging huge amount of ice time year after year.

I do not think Flyers can afford to wait on goalies like Bobrovsky or Eriksson unless those kids pull Roy or Ward in their 1st NHL season. What are the chances of that?

Since 97 we gave chances to Esche, Biron, Boucher, Hackett, Beezer, Cechmanek, Emery, Leighton. Did I miss anyone? Most of them are ****** ****ing goalies and career back ups no matter how you look at it or what their % was in one single NHL year. Not a single one of them is solid #1 goalie in the NHL for longer then 2 years. Those guys are stop gap. ****ing crap. with exception of Beezer of course, we got him too late.

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