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07-22-2010, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
1) Turco isn't signed, so you can't talk about him like he is. It's quite possible he's waiting to see what happens with Niemi and Chicago.

2) Meszaros better be an upgrade on Bartulis and Parent, he costs roughly 3M more than both of 'em. (Note: a completely unnecessary expense to your defense in July when you have other holes.)

3) Turco/Leighton is an upgrade, but it isn't exactly a world beater combination either.

4) You don't know what Gagne's health will be next year... and if he's healthy, he's by far and away a better player than Zherdev. Not only that, if we weren't egregiously overpaying on defense and signing useless players like Shelley, it's conceivable that we could have had both Gagne and Zherdev.
1. fair enough, but i think it's a matter of days before he is signed

2. Mes is going to look like an all star next year. You heard it here first.

3. Lol, who else would you rather have on the free market. Turco is hopefully should get quite bored during the season with our defense the way it is.

4. The problem is exactly that though. When was the last time gagne strung together a completly healthy season for the flyers. As much as i love the guy, he always had a little or large nigle somewhere. Far from the injury prone like the people on the main boards think, but it's not like he's put up 4 or 5 80 game season yet either and he's 30

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