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Originally Posted by Megaforce View Post
Anybody in the workplace knows the resentment people have knowing that a colleague of supposedly equal stature earns more money than them.

I was taken aback recently to learn that Hamilton's goaltender signed a contract to play for $65,000 a season. Cedric Desjardins makes less in one game than Scott Gomez makes in an entire season. I know that they are not equals but seeing a guy make $8 million compared to another guy in the same picture making $65,000, that's a bit of a shocker.

There is some sorta basic economic rule at play here which I have never seen named, but surely someone else has thought of it. If your garage band is half as good as the Rolling Stones it doesn't mean you'll earn half as much money. If you're one tenth as funny as Steve Martin you won't be earning one tenth of what he earns. So compensation has a zero sum element to it, I am aware of that.

But seeing Desjardins earn less than what a plumber makes while in the minors is just a recipe for disaster. And with the way teams are made with a few elite high paid players taking most of the salaries and the rest of the cap being divvied among the rest of the scrubs, you'll see a constant festering of team disunity.

I think that could upset a lot of chemistry in the league, or perhaps chemistry doesn't matter and it doesn't matter if the guys on the bench hate each other.

What do you think?

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