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07-22-2010, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Island Husky View Post
I am not speaking for SMU, Red Army East, These are my personal opinions as this is a public forum. Now then, I didn't say Dal was better than SMU in men"s hockey. That should be more than obvious. Here is the line just in case you cannnot fathom it."It has taken us a lifetime at Saint Mary's and Trevor's 14 years or whatever, to catch up to Dal's hockey school size". Hockey school size, see that? You have to read the end of the sentence, see the point of the sentence is called the object.
It is obvious you don't know what a hockey school does for a program. So I'll explain it to you. The bigger it is, the more students they get, the more work they have to offer players, especially new recruits. I worked at SMU Hockey School and know quite a bit about Dal's. It was larger, far larger. It is further obvious you have no idea of the facilities each offered at its hockey school, Saint Mary's had its Alumni Arena while Dal had the Memorial Arena. I won't elaborate on the differences. Nowhere did I stipulate Saint Mary's is a model program. I don't know who is and on what basis it would be decided anyway. I'll say it again. Every school has its advantages, every school does some things well and some things poorly. If either of you two knew anything about the past, you would know that in 1985/86 Saint Mary's went 0-26, the result of a scandal the year before involving an ineligible player, nearly putting the program under, and for which ( since you seem to be confusing my personal opinions with some sort of Saint Mary's stance) "they" struggled to overcome for years and years and years. Trevor Steinburg took over in 1997 and in 14 years did what it took. But it took 14 years nevertheless.
As for the endowment, it was never publicized by the family or the university, but since speculation is rampant, I heard it was lower than that, and was to be used to build a new arena.
I'm not even going to bother with the rest of your arguments, trying to counter them, Rantfather, They are filled with "probably" and " I heard". But especially the one about 50% are Arts students while the other 80% are something about wanting to be..math wizards, I admit I don't understand the point, especially when 50 + 80 = 130.
If you can't see the difference between student employment opportunities at a place like UNB/Dal/SMU and St Thomas, no amount of explanation from me is going to convince you.
Rantfather will eat crow on this one and you are right to admonish me for selective arguing to make my point,spurious logic at best..........I love your energy and passion man as I am full of too much of it myself.
The 50% $ othe 80% (sic) reference and mathematical genious reference was meant to be funny ,I guess that I missed that one by "just that much".
I will try and be less funny as it wasn't funny anyway and I do appreciate your p.o.v and welcome it. ENJOY THE HOCKEY MAN and let's hope that it happens sooner than later as it's obvious even to me that I'm losing it.

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