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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
It used to be that girdles were just for inline, but now there are some girdles you can get with more protection and the option to add a shell that can work for ice hockey too, and I think the girdle you're looking at is one of them. Girdles have a tighter fit, pants have a looser fit, you should really try both on in a store and see what feels better for you. Virtually all ice hockey players where pants, though.

For light, mobile pants lots of people seem to like Tacklas as well (haven't tried them myself, but have played with tonnes of guys who own and love them), might be worth trying on too.
As was mentioned Cooperalls and Tackla girdles have been around for a long time and specifically made for ice hockey, and a lot of guys wear them today. A lot more than the few left after "virtually all" the players wearing regular hockey pants.

Originally Posted by Girouxxxxx28 View Post
Are you talking about these when you say tacklas?

And can't you put shells on top of pants as well?

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input
You can put a shell on regular pants too, but unless you're playing in a league with strict uniform regulations, you don't need to.

It really boils down to personal preference.

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