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Here's all the top 10s up to 2009

Red Kelly - 1st(1954), 2nd(1955), 3rd(1956), 2nd(1957)
Doug Harvey - 2nd(1954), 1st(1955), 1st(1956), 1st(1957), 1st(1958), 4th(1959), 1st(1960), 1st(1961), 1st(1962)
Bill Gadsby - 3rd(1954), 2nd(1956), 4th(1957), 2nd(1958), 2nd(1959), 5th(1963), 3rd(1965)
Fern Flaman - 3rd(1955), 5th(1956), 3rd(1957), 3rd(1958), 5th(1959)
Bob Goldham - 4th(1955)
Hugh Bolton - 5th(1955)
Tom Johnson - 4th(1956), 1st(1959), 5th(1960)
Doug Mohns - 5th(1957)
Ron Stewart - 4th(1958)
Marcel Pronovost - 5th(1958), 3rd(1959), 3rd(1960), 2nd(1961), 5th(1965)
Allan Stanley - 2nd(1960), 3rd(1961)
Pierre Pilote - 4th(1960), 4th(1961), 2nd(1962), 1st(1963), 1st(1964), 1st(1965), 2nd(1966), 2nd(1967)
Leo Boivin - 5th(1961), 10th(1967)
Jean-Guy Talbot - 3rd(1962)
Carl Brewer - 4th(1962), 2nd(1963), 3rd(1970)
Tim Horton - 3rd(1963), 2nd(1964), 4th(1965), 4th(1967), 3rd(1968), 2nd(1969)
Elmer Vasko - 4th(1963), 3rd(1964)
Jacques Laperriere - 4th(1964), 2nd(1965), 1st(1966), 8th(1967), 5th(1968), 4th(1970), 5th(1973)
Terry Harper - 5th(1964), 8th(1967)
Harry Howell - 5th(1964), 1st(1967)
Pat Stapleton - 3rd(1966), 4th(1971), 4th(1972)
J.C. Tremblay - 4th(1966), 5th(1967), 2nd(1968), 3rd(1971), 5th(1972)
Doug Barkley - 5th(1966)
Bobby Orr - 3rd(1967), 1st(1968), 1st(1969), 1st(1970), 1st(1971), 1st(1972), 1st(1973), 1st(1974), 1st(1975)
Gary Bergman - 6th(1967)
Doug Jarrett - 7th(1967)
Ted Green - 10th(1967), 3rd(1969)
Arnie Brown - 10th(1967)
Jim Neilson - 4th(1968), 5th(1970)
Ted Harris - 4th(1969)
Al Arbour - 5th(1969)
Brad Park - 2nd(1970), 2nd(1971), 2nd(1972), 3rd(1973), 2nd(1974), 2nd(1976), 2nd(1978), 8th(1979), 9th(1981)
Bob Baun - 5th(1971)
Keith Magnuson - 5th(1971)
Bill White - 3rd(1972), 3rd(1973), 3rd(1974)
Guy Lapointe - 2nd(1973), 3rd(1975), 4th(1976), 4th(1977), 5th(1978), 5th(1979)
Barry Ashby - 4th(1974)
Borje Salming - 5th(1974), 4th(1975), 3rd(1976), 2nd(1977), 4th(1978), 3rd(1979), 2nd(1980), 10th(1981)
Denis Potvin - 2nd(1975), 1st(1976), 3rd(1977), 1st(1978), 1st(1979), 2nd(1981), 8th(1982), 4th(1984), 10th(1988)
Serge Savard - 5th(1975), 5th(1976), 5th(1977), 4th(1979)
Larry Robinson - 1st(1977), 3rd(1978), 2nd(1979), 1st(1980), 3rd(1981), 5th(1982), 3rd(1986), 4th(1987)
Robert Picard - 6th(1979)
Barry Beck - 7th(1979), 7th(1982), 9th(1984)
Ron Stackhouse - 9th(1979)
Reed Larson - 10th(1979), 10th(1985)
Phil Russell - 10th(1979)
Stefan Persson - 10th(1979)
Jim Schoenfeld - 3rd(1980)
Ray Bourque - 4th(1980), 4th(1981), 2nd(1982), 3rd(1983), 3rd(1984), 2nd(1985), 4th(1986), 1st(1987), 1st(1988), 4th(1989), 1st(1990), 1st(1991), 2nd(1992), 2nd(1993), 1st(1994), 3rd(1995), 2nd(1996), 7th(1997), 7th(1998), 3rd(1999), 7th(2000), 2nd(2001)
Mark Howe - 5th(1980), 10th(1981), 2nd(1983), 10th(1984), 6th(1985), 2nd(1986), 2nd(1987), 9th(1988)
Randy Carlyle - 1st(1981), 7th(1985)
Rod Langway - 5th(1981), 9th(1982), 1st(1983), 1st(1984), 3rd(1985), 5th(1986)
Brian Engblom - 6th(1981), 6th(1982)
Larry Murphy - 7th(1981), 3rd(1987), 5th(1992), 3rd(1993), 7th(1994), 4th(1995), 6th(1998)
Rob Ramage - 8th(1981)
Doug Wilson - 1st(1982), 4th(1983), 4th(1985), 3rd(1990)
Paul Coffey - 3rd(1982), 5th(1983), 2nd(1984), 1st(1985), 1st(1986), 5th(1987), 7th(1988), 2nd(1989), 4th(1990), 5th(1991), 9th(1993), 7th(1994), 1st(1995), 5th(1996)
Craig Hartsberg - 4th(1982)
Kevin Lowe - 10th(1982), 7th(1985), 5th(1988), 8th(1989)
Phil Housley - 5th(1984), 9th(1989), 5th(1990), 3rd(1992), 5th(1993), 10th(1999)
Charlie Huddy - 6th(1984)
Mike O`Connell - 6th(1984)
Scott Stevens - 6th(1984), 5th(1985), 6th(1987), 2nd(1988), 10th(1989), 7th(1991), 4th(1992), 10th(1993), 2nd(1994), 9th(1996), 5th(1997), 4th(1998), 6th(1999), 10th(2000), 3rd(2001), 10th(2002)
Mario Marois - 10th(1984), 8th(1987)
Mike Ramsey - 10th(1984)
Ken Morrow - 10th(1984), 7th(1990)
Brad Marsh - 7th(1985)
Dave Babych - 6th(1986)
Al MacInnis - 6th(1987), 3rd(1989), 2nd(1990), 2nd(1991), 8th(1992), 3rd(1994), 8th(1998), 1st(1999), 8th(2000), 7th(2001), 2nd(2003)
Rick Green - 9th(1987)
Ulf Samuelsson - 10th(1987), 10th(1993)
Gary Suter - 3rd(1988), 7th(1989), 7th(1993), 8th(1996)
Brad McCrimmon - 4th(1988), 6th(1989)
Chris Chelios - 6th(1988), 1st(1989), 8th(1990), 3rd(1991), 6th(1992), 1st(1993), 6th(1994), 2nd(1995), 1st(1996), 4th(1997), 6th(2000), 2nd(2002)
James Patrick - 7th(1988), 8th(1991)
Steve Duchesne - 5th(1989), 7th(1993)
Al Iafrate - 6th(1990), 6th(1993)
Paul Cavallini - 9th(1990)
Craig Ludwig - 10th(1990)
Brian Leetch - 10th(1990), 4th(1991), 1st(1992), 5th(1994), 3rd(1996), 1st(1997), 8th(1999), 4th(2001), 9th(2002)
Jamie Macoun - 10th(1990)
Kevin Hatcher - 6th(1991), 7th(1992), 4th(1993)
Sergei Zubov - 4th(1994), 9th(1998), 9th(2000), 8th(2001), 8th(2003), 3rd(2006), 9th(2007)
Nicklas Lidstrom - 7th(1994), 6th(1996), 6th(1997), 2nd(1998), 2nd(1999), 2nd(2000), 1st(2001), 1st(2002), 1st(2003), 6th(2004), 1st(2006), 1st(2007), 1st(2008), 3rd(2009)
Sandis Ozolinsh - 7th(1994), 3rd(1997)
Vladimir Konstantinov - 4th(1996), 2nd(1997)
Roman Hamrlik - 7th(1996)
Eric Desjardins - 9th(1996), 9th(1997), 5th(1999), 4th(2000), 10th(2001)
Daryl Sydor - 7th(1997)
Oleg Tverdovsky - 10th(1997)
Rob Blake - 1st(1998), 3rd(2000), 3rd(2001), 3rd(2002), 5th(2003), 8th(2004)
Chris Pronger - 3rd(1998), 4th(1999), 1st(2000), 10th(2001), 5th(2002), 3rd(2004), 7th(2006), 3rd(2007), 8th(2008)
Scott Niedermayer - 5th(1998), 1st(2004), 2nd(2006), 2nd(2007), 10th(2008), 10th(2009)
Teppo Numminen - 10th(1998), 7th(2002)
Darian Hatcher - 7th(1999), 3rd(2003)
Fredrick Olausson - 9th(1999)
Sergei Gonchar - 5th(2000), 6th(2001), 4th(2002), 4th(2003), 9th(2004), 7th(2007), 4th(2008)
Brian Rafalski - 9th(2001), 9th(2008), 9th(2009)
Ed Jovanovski - 6th(2002), 6th(2003)
Adrian Aucoin - 8th(2002), 5th(2004)
Mattias Ohlund - 10th(2002)
Zdeno Chara - 8th(2003), 2nd(2004), 4th(2006), 3rd(2008), 1st(2009)
Wade Redden - 9th(2003), 10th(2004), 5th(2006)
Adam Foote - 10th(2003)
Bryan McCabe - 4th(2004), 9th(2006)
Mathieu Schneider - 7th(2004), 6th(2006)
Dion Pheneuf - 8th(2006), 6th(2007), 2nd(2008)
Lubomir Visnovsky - 10th(2006)
Dan Boyle - 4th(2007), 5th(2009)
Kimmo Timonen - 5th(2007)
Sheldon Souray - 8th(2007)
Bryan Campbell - 9th(2007), 5th(2008)
Andrei Markov - 6th(2008), 6th(2009)
Mike Green - 7th(2008), 2nd(2009)
Shea Weber 4th(2009)
Duncan Keith 6th(2009)
Mark Streit 8th(2009)

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