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07-22-2010, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I chose "What can you do?", but for facetious reasons.

I don't know how you can possibly avoid a question like this though. The question is whether or not you're comfortable with the tandem, not whether or not you think they'll succeed. You don't have to wait until the season has started to know whether or not you're comfortable with them.
Yes I do. I don't get uncomfortable until I know it's a problem. And until we see it's a problem, it's not a problem. But thinking realistically, we've seen this combo perform, especially under pressure, over the course of months, which is a decent sample size. But both are still fairly "unproven" so this combo is a giant question mark. To say I'm comfortable is a lie because of the question mark. To say I'm uncomfortable is also a lie because we've seen them perform before. So I went with the "What Can You Do?" because it's a Homer theme and I want Turco.

Really the poll is limited. It really isn't a black or white answer. Should be shades of gray.

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