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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
Ok I understand about the Canadian dollar and it's crippling of the Jets and Nords franchises but,

For the second point of what you are saying the facts don't support your argument/theory.

The Florida Panthers made the Finals, T-Bay won the Cup, Anaheim won the Cup and all of these teams are in the bottom 10 in terms of attendance last year. Also last year Pheonix had an incredibly exciting young, winning team and they were dead last in the NHL in attendance.

So, very nice theory but it's just not the case that winning brings people to games in those markets.

They are not hockey markets and until Bettman is out we will continue to have a diluted, boring product supported by people in healthy markets. Like I said before if you guys enjoy watching hockey games when they are too embarassed to show the stands on tv then there is no point in arguing over this.

All I am asking for is full arenas. Why should WE support teams for other cities that don't care for hockey? It's absolute nonsense in my view.
Florida, TBay and Anaheim all had a huge fan base, and sold out all their games when they were winning. Florida, TBay Anaheim have sunk to the bottom of the rankings and as such their fans base has also dropped. I said they had fans, not loyal ones

Take any US market team that's struggling who had past success and you'll see that they didn't have those problems when they were winning. The only team I can think of with that proplem is NJ and it's probably because they're fans are used to soo much success.

The point I was trying to make is that US teams can have financial problems but those problems can easily be solved with a good management team and a winning product. That will make the fans and sponsors come, not to mention the sweetheart arena deals they get and Canadian teams don't. Know matter how successful the Nordiques and Jets were, they didn't have the ability to turn a profit and compete,IRREGARDLESS of the circumstances. That's why they left.

Now is a different story and I'd love to see them come back in lieu of some US markets. But I was strictly talking about in the past. I really can't make it any clearer then that. I'm sorry if you don't get what I'm trying to say, maybe I need better communication skills

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