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07-22-2010, 05:18 PM
Peter Puck
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
He imposed the salary cap but that hasn't been very useful so far as the players are laughing all the way to the bank. Again where are the revenues for the owners? Shouldn't they be asking these questions? Bettman cost them money with the Phoenix deal. Everything he does is failiure.
Just about everything in this post is wrong.

A few players (Ovechkin, Hossa, ...) are making lots of money but it's not clear whether or not their salaries would have been higher without the cap. Many more players are making less. HOw do you think Dominque Moore feels? Is he laughing all the way to the bank?

The owners are overjoyed with the cap. Every franchise increased in value with the advent of the cap. How do you think George Gillette felt selling the Habs for $650 million? Is he unhappy with Bettman?

The owners saved lots of money when Bettman defeated Balsille. Just wait until they sell someone an expansion franchise for Hamilton or Toronto. They will get much much more than Balsille was offering. Plus they can still sell the Coyotes.

In fact the amazing thin about Bettman is that everything he does he succeeds at. The majority of people said that Balsille would use his vast resouces and his business smarts to crush Bettman. But instead Bettman won a complete victory. The same thinkg happened when he took on the NHLPA over the salary cap. Name one confrontation he has lost.

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