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07-22-2010, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
For skates, I would remove the footbed when you play then set them out to dry. Don't put them in a garage or basement if there's not good air flow, you don't want mold. A bit of Lysol probably would work fine since you don't really touch your skin to them. If they need a heavy duty cleaning, I'd have a professional ozone cleaning done, would never put them in water.

For gloves, they will always smell, best thing is to prevent issues by airing them out after games and spray them with a little rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle (mixed 50/50 with water seems to work). This helps kill the bacteria. Lysol is not good for the skin, so I wouldn't spray the rest of your gear with it. If the palms get crusty and hard, get some shaving cream with lanolin in it and rub it all over the inside and outside of the palm, then let it air dry. Should leave it clean and soft.

I don't ever put gear in the washing machine because it can damage the material and threads. I fill a bath tub with warm water and put a cap full of laundry detergent with oxyclean in it (the Arm and Hammer stuff). Or you can do a cap of laundry detergent with oxyclean on the side. That's like color safe bleach. Let it soak for half an hour, then drain it, then fill the tub with clean warm water, soak again, and drain. If the gear is still soapy, rinse it clean. Then let it air dry for a few days with a fan blowing on it.

The better the gear, the quicker it will dry. All of my stuff has the quick drying antimicrobial liners so it dries out in under 24 hours with a fan blowing on it.
I don't actually machine wash too much. The things I'll throw in are jerseys, socks, those spandex jock shorts (even says machine washable on mine), a set of Farrell shoulder pads (they're literally just spandex and foam, I only machine wash them because I've seen some people here say they machine wash them and never have issues), and the liners on my shin pads, which are basically just tough cloth and a little bit of padding. I never had problems with those. But you are making me a bit paranoid now.

Thanks for the tips though everybody, I'll have to make sure to try that shaving cream trick on my gloves. Does anyone recommend a certain amount of shaving cream to use?

Also, for the half alcohol and water mixture, do you just spray that and leave it to try, or do you spray it, let it dry, and then hose it off again?

Thanks again.

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