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Originally Posted by Cowbell232 View Post
As for skates, you can try Lysol-ing the boots out, and a lot of skates have removable inserts you can take out and wash and/or replace as needed. You can also use stuff like Gold Bond foot powder and the like.

Gloves, well, they'll always smell from my experience. You can try cleaning them with disinfectant like Lysol, or a lot of people use a spray bottle with a rubbing alcohol/water mix to kill the bacteria and then a deodorizer like Febreeze to remove the smell. Good luck.
I use a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol/water, just spraying down the inside of the glove (but not the palm). Bacteria is what creates the smell, so if you kill the bacteria you shouldn't need the febreeze.

What I've noticed is by far the most important thing to do to keep your stuff from smelling is AIR IT OUT AFTER YOU PLAY. As soon as I get home everything gets pulled out of the bag, sprayed down (except my skates and helmet), and spread out to dry. Jerseys and socks get hung up. Even if it's late and you're busy taking the five minutes to do that will make a big difference.

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