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07-22-2010, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Disagree. I think we're going to love both Meszaros and Zherdev before the year is out. The 2003 draft was the strongest ever. Carter was 11. Richards 24th.

Zherdev was #4 for a reason. He has that level of talent, and it's not like he hasn't produced at all in the NHL, as others have pointed out.

Meszaros is a player I've always liked. Big, fast, strong, skilled, competitive.

Both guys are young and ready to blossom.

People on here complain about young D and their growing pains all the time, but Carle and Coburn proved they have it. Meszaros does too. Zherdev is going to be a star for us in a strong lineup.
I kind of like Meszaros overall but I just don't think the manner in which he was acquired puts him in a fair position, that is one disadvantage added to the two he already has of adjusting to a new team and overcoming underperformance. Calming down and thinking about it now, I also tend to think that Gagne was going to go regardless and now Meszaros is the guy that replaces him going forward in terms of the salary structure. I guess it could be worse but like I said I just see him having a lot to prove and it's a tough town for someone to go through major adjustments in.

Zherdev has LOADS of talent, however I don't think draft position six or seven years after the fact means anything at all. All he has proven to this point is that despite his talent, he cannot hold a job. In Columbus, OK, several players had issues but have any of them proven Hitchcock wrong? Other than getting more ice time, it's not like Zherdev or Brule has broken out big time. Zherdev did OK for the Rangers, he did OK in the KHL and no one was itching to commit to him now. If he were that ready, why didn't any Russian teams make him a big offer at least?

Like I said, maybe he is a nouveau Kovalev and the Flyers will be like the Pens were for Kovie, but I have my doubts.

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