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07-23-2010, 06:57 AM
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Wow, Salo has the worst luck...

Depending on the prognosis, it probably would put Bieksa trade rumors to rest. If he is out long-term, can the Canucks exceed the cap by 10% before training camp and not include Salo's salary in the 10% over? I'm assuming not... Can he be put on LTIR during the summer, allowing the Canucks to use his LTIR replacement money once the Canucks reach the cap ceiling?

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salo getting injured isn't news. i'm sure that gillis and co. expect it at some point and have contingency plans. bieksa getting traded really isn't an option to back away from for the nucks. other teams have interest in him, salo is too old to be traded anywhere, nucks need to clear salary, nucks have too many d-men signed. all signs point to bieksa being traded by oct 5th.
If Salo is too old to be traded, why not just waive him or LTIR him then and keep Bieksa? This might explain why MG hasn't seemed to be in much of a hurry to trade Bieksa. If the injury did indeed happen in June, he probably found out about it sometime around the draft.

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