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07-23-2010, 08:45 AM
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My first year of league I was always getting the puck picked off my stick. I learned that I carried it too far in front of me and waited too long to make a move. That summer, I played a lot of pickup and worked on carrying the puck closer to my body (shorter stick), making moves earlier, and taking the puck wide and skating around the defender.

Eventually, it got to the point I do it out of habit, and now I use a ridiculously long stick and can stickhandle around most guys at my level.

To the "skate it off" topic, I visualize the situation and what I would have done differently enough times until I feel I've learned from my mistake, then I forget about it. Have a beer, relax, and focus on something else. It's important to revisit those mistakes, but don't get frustrated about them, visualize yourself making the correct decision. It's powerful stuff.

Edit: I meant "shake it off" "Skate it off" is what we say (somewhat jokingly) whenever anyone gets hurt. For example, my buddy fractured his leg, so he could either go to the doctor, or just lace 'em up and skate it off.

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