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Originally Posted by The Spicy Shrimp View Post
I'm new to hockey. I've never played an organized game, and at the moment I'm taking a learn to play class that focuses on the basics (stickhandling, passing, proper skating, etc.). There are a lot of 1 on 1 drills, and usually I do alright, but this past week, I spent almost the entire class getting beaten. Almost everyone got by me when I was on defense, and I got the puck knocked off my stick too much when I was on offense. I try not to let it get to me, but obviously I'm still thinking about it. How do you more experienced players shake off bad moments and focus on doing better next time? Is there some trick or just a state of mind?
Don't, agony is your best friend!

Hockey is such a extreme multifacet sport, always focus on what you do and try to do it better.

In many sports there are "prototypes", you are successful if you are built a certain way basically. Look like at a hockeyteam, there are all kind of bodys on it. Who become successful? What seperates kids from each other? I think its about being able to learn fast, there is so much you must pickup.

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