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07-23-2010, 11:38 AM
Ed finally concedes!
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I hope Leighton reads this board and proves the majority of us wrong but something tells me that a lot of us will be proven right somewhere down the line. He's not starter material. If he had grabbed the finals series by the nutz I would have more confidence in him but c'mon the guy obviously fell massively short...not even a little. He totally regressed in his fundamentals and more often than not looked nervous and it was embarassing to have to listen to the announcers critique the guy and bring up the fact he wasn't playing well in the series. I don't mind Leighton as a person and as an above average backup but I can't take him seriously as a starter and despite what management is saying I don't think they are completely sold....this is all going to become a moot point eventually I think anyway.

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