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07-23-2010, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
Ok I understand about the Canadian dollar and it's crippling of the Jets and Nords franchises but,

For the second point of what you are saying the facts don't support your argument/theory.

The Florida Panthers made the Finals, T-Bay won the Cup, Anaheim won the Cup and all of these teams are in the bottom 10 in terms of attendance last year. Also last year Pheonix had an incredibly exciting young, winning team and they were dead last in the NHL in attendance.

So, very nice theory but it's just not the case that winning brings people to games in those markets.

They are not hockey markets and until Bettman is out we will continue to have a diluted, boring product supported by people in healthy markets. Like I said before if you guys enjoy watching hockey games when they are too embarassed to show the stands on tv then there is no point in arguing over this.

All I am asking for is full arenas. Why should WE support teams for other cities that don't care for hockey? It's absolute nonsense in my view.

Just adding my 2 centsÖ

Besides the NFL, what other league doesnít have teams that donít consistently sell out their arenas?
The answer is ZERO.
Take a look at some of the attendance for the NBA.

Itís already been stated, but winning counts when attendance is brought into the conversation.
Every league has teams that are considered the crown jewels. These teams have a lot of history and will probably sell out even if the team never wins.
As someone who goes to a lot of Duck games, I can attest the area down here is full of front runnersÖwin and the people show up. Start losing and they donít. Remember, So.Cal. has a TON of people who originally lived somewhere else (including me) so the local team probably isnít the team they rooted for growing up.
I am a Hab fan first, but will go see the Ducks play IF the team is worth the 1 1/2 hour drive and the money needed to attend. If they suck, I am staying home.
As for Phoenix, it looked like the team was going to move the last couple of years. As a fan, why would I invest in the team when they are probably gone anyway?

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