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04-07-2005, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Evil Sather
I know it's been said before on here, but I'll ask again for the Flyers fans who seem to think the rest of hockey is there to give Bobby Clarke cupcake deals:

Q. Why on God's green earth would Colombus (or Chicago for that matter) trade

A bluechip, possibly elite player


An in his prime, excellent 2-way center who tops out at 50 points and is close to UFAdom + a low first rounder.

A. They wouldn't. The end.

And for those who say they got Pitkanen for Fedetenko and 2 2nds and therefore shouldn't have to give up much for this top 5 pick, remember Tampa Bay before the Cup was widely considered to have been screwed over and made a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE trade.

Also, today at the mall in the Gap I bought a shirt on sale for $3.99. Does that mean from now on I should get all my shirts for $3.99? I got this one, and its nice. I should be able to get others that are just as nice for the same price or less, right? Right? Right?

Handzus and a low 1st rounder isn't worth a blue-chip prospect who will possibly become an elite-player.

However, Bobby Ryan isn't a blue-chip prospect yet. One good junior season is all he has.

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