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07-23-2010, 05:50 PM
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Pretty big skate dilemma

Hey there guys, hope all is well. Sorry for such a long post, I hope some of you can read it and help me out here, cause I certainly need it.

I have been attempting to get back into hockey after a relatively long hiatus, from which I've lost most of my skill as well as all my smoothness on the ice. I've been working on getting that back, and I've done so through going to open skates as frequently as I can, as well as some open stick and puck sessions. My ultimate goal is to play for one of the club teams where I'm heading to college in just a few weeks, West Virginia University, which I'm told doesn't exactly have the best club teams, so it's an attainable goal by sophomore year at least.

I bought a budget pair of skates (Bauer X:20s) before I bought anything else, and this was back in late May. At first the skates were okay, not overly comfortable, but decent at least for what I spent. I was having a little issue tying them tight enough for me to skate well with the stock laces, so I got some really nice wax laces which I could get a nice tight tie with. I've been making leaps and bounds with my skating now that I've got a decently tight tie so I'm not bending any more. However, the more I use the skate and the longer I use it, my feet start to really hurt around the toe box area. I had them baked and everything and I'm getting to the point where they should be relatively broken in already. My feet really hurt when I take them off, and today, after I skated for about 40 minutes, I took them off and my feet were so swollen it hurt to stand up. They're not tied too tight at all.

I went into the proshop to tell the kid there about my goal and if I should maybe already get into looking for better skates someday soon. He said that I definitely should and if I wanted to be playing on any sort of pretty decent team, the X:20's wouldn't be good. However, the thing that really bothered me was that he then put my bare foot on the measuring thing, and it turned out I should be a 9 in skates. (I wear 11.5 or 12 shoes). Right now, in my skates bought from that very same proshop, where the owner's son fit me, I am wearing 10.5's. I looked down at the measurer and it was right, my foot was just before the 9. I'm 18, and my foot's done growing.

What should I do? I can't skate for too long comfortably with these. It seems terrible to already have to save up for a decent pair of skates, especially when just starting college, but I guess it has to be done. Can I sell the pair I have now? Tryouts for the team are kind of soon, is there anywhere I can maybe buy a lightly used pair of nice skates that I can get baked again? Anyone have some I can buy?

I'm very lost now as to what to do, any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks a lot guys, have a good one.

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