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10-02-2003, 09:49 AM
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"Kaberle would fit into the latters style of play, a defenseman known for his offensive prowless more so than his defensive play, but that's not to say that Kaberle is a defensive liability. Tomas' play in his own end is stable and consistant for the most part. He's counted on in key situations, plays both the PK and quarter backs the PP and has clearly worked his way into the #1 defenseman wearing the blue and white. He's young and has some flaws but those flaws fortunately are associated with defensive plays which can be taught where as offensive imagination comes naturally. In years to come, Kaberle has the potential to be among the elite in the league, and with his steady improvement over the years may vie for the Norris trophy one day"

Kaberle is totally a defensive liabilty. As this years playoffs proved he has a HUGE weakness in his defensive game, and when he's not playing infront of a goalie who can hide that weakness hes a - player. Thats not a quailty found in #1 guys. He is consistant, he always weak in his own end without the puck, hes always strong with the puck, and always a good offensive threat. And saying he plays a lot and in the PK with the Leafs, under Pat Quinn isn't a reflection of a players ability. Pat Quinn is a coach that play's guys in positions they shouldn't be in because of loyality - case and point (and hes not the only one) Lumme was often the 7th best defenseman on the Leafs last year, but he would play ahead of Jackman, who outplayed him quite often. Kaberle gets a lot of ice time and is on the PK mostly because Quinn is very loyal to him. His ability to clear the puck can be very valuable on the PK, but hes not always the best man to be out there, even when Quinn puts him out there.

Kaberle is already one of the best offensive defensemen in the league, and as he gets older he will join the elite ranks of those players, however he'll fit the Gonchar mould (great offensivly, decent at best defensivly) not the Lidstrom mould.

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