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07-24-2010, 03:03 AM
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I strongly suggest a proper skate fitting with your LHS, whichever is the best in your area. It makes a world of a difference, compared to purchasing online. Every foot is different, so maybe Bauers aren't meant for your foot.

I went into my LHS looking for Bauers mid-range. Tried them on and felt pinching right away. The associate said it would probably go away with a bake. He also brought something i didn't really ask for, Rbk 5ks. But thought it was worthwhile to at least try it on, no harm done, right? These felt amazing out of the box (before bakes/before pumps). I now feel its a softer boot compared to the Bauer Supreme55. I commented that it felt like wearing regular shoes.

I've gone to more than 20 skates, went skating for 3 hours today. No pain after any of those skates, besides a case of shin splints the first day - more of my injury history than the boot quality tbh. I have stock laces/stock insoles. So i really believe its about making the right choice when buying skates.

Sell on Craigslist or something, but be firm. I've paid asking price for more than a few items. I'm no haggler and if its a good deal and quality product, i'll buy. No harm at least posting. I see a ton of adds from guys saying they skated 4 times in their skates and say that they hate it/bought too big of a size/too small/etc. every day.

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