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07-24-2010, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by alexstream View Post
Ok, with ALL these guys from Quebec in Tampa Bay (more than Montreal, and we might even have to go back to the Nords to find that many people from Quebec at important positions in a NHL team), I'm still questionning the reasons behind "how / why it is happening".

Is it because Boucher has a very strong influence over Yzerman.
I doubt Boucher cares about bringing Quebecers or not. And as other said, Lecav and St-Louis have been there for a long time
Is it because Yzerman loves guys from Quebec?
Boucher was one of the best option around, and Gagne was just available. If Yzerman loved Quebecers so much, why didn't he select more of them for the Olympic team?
Is the franchise moving to Qc city soon?
I doubt it.
what else?
Coincidence. It's not like Tampa is choke full of Quebecers either. It just that their most prominent players happen to. But the reasons are purely historical.

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