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07-24-2010, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
If there's a pro anglo bias, Canadian content in the NHL would not have dropped from 98% to 60% in the last 30 years.

As for your last staement. Yes, let's see what the Habs are made of:

The last 20 years:

The Presidents

The GMs
A. Savard
S. Savard

The coaches

The only place you may have an argument is with Timmins but percentage wise he has drafted more Q players than Andre Savard did before him. Timmins has drafted 16 Francos/Q players in 8 years (From 03 to 10). Andre Savard drafted 4 in 3 years (From 00 to 02).

When the presidents, GMs and coaches have been predominately French Canadians how can you make that ridiculous staement that there's a country club bias favoring anglos? When in the last 20 years the only glaring anglo is Timmins and he has a higher draft rate than the head scout before him - a franco, I really think you need to stop and rethink your statement.

If anglos will pick only anglos where are these anglos in charge of the Habs?
Of course it went from no euros at all to how many countries in the NHL again? It will drop but it will still be predominant. And again....why not? Why do people have always that instinct to be so defensive when they are called being pro something? If I'd be calling them or you anti-Q, well then go ahead, fire away and be defensive? But how is pro something bad? It's not bad but it is what it is which means that while you're pro something, you can't have enough room for a whole lot of other things.

As far as the "ridiculous statement" I made, well I am talking about the PRESENT. And the present is Timmins in charge. Now I did say....HE'S NOT AVOIDING Q PLAYERS. He does draft them. Not sure how I can be more clear. But you give me stats about the Q, I'll give you some other stats US vs Q in the past (note, I am talking about the Q, french player or not, Leblanc fits in the US category but if you want to fit him in the Q, do it)

In the last 5 years. Timmins has drafted 13 players coming from the US program. Compared to 4 Q players. He's not avoiding Q players. He's preferring US players. How's that not a fact? He's not ANTI-Q, he's pro-US, how's that not a fact? He said it HIMSELF that a big reason he's going there it's because he believes in the US system and the "4 years of development" is a big factor (which to me is bogus but that's another topic). From his own words. How's that not part of being Pro-something?

I love how we are using 2003 to fit whatever portrait we want Timmins to be in. There's still debate as to whether first freakin pick Kostitsyn is indeed Timmins or Savard's call. I believe it's Timmins but you'll have the Timmins cheerleaders saying that it has to be Savard. Something is sure though. We picked 4 Q guys that year. So it does help Timmins case as far as quantity is concerned....though, and it was not Savard biggest year...., you have to be pretty naive that those 4 guys are indeed coming from Timmins recommendations. Yet, we won't know it until we really know how it was done and since nobody from that organization talks, Habs becoming some kind of Opus Dei lately...., we won't know it either.

So I'm pretty sure that it's easier to build a strong percentage when you actually have more time to build one.

Again, when you work, you want to be amongst people you trust. See what the Habs are doing recently and you'll figure out that the country club as a whole lot of Sens favor in it. Gauthier, Timmins, Jay, Martin, Pearn, Groulx, Cunneyworth. At least, Gauthier hired Carrière which is somewhat out of his comfort zone which is nice to see. And for the record, I hated the country club that Corey decided to go for when Houle, Tremblay and Cournoyer were appointed. A country club is a country club, no matter what language you speak. But when this happens, it's is possible that "talent" might come 2nd over people you know.

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