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Originally Posted by PuckHogs29 View Post
I used to play at the Ice House all the time and still go there for open hockey in the fall/winter cause it's the closest rink to me. I just joined HNA this year and I'd highly recommend it even if you're looking at the beginner league. At times HNA is a pain in the rear but they're still miles above the Ice House. Also depending on what you want to spend and how far to travel the rink at the Palisades mall has a clinic on Tuesday nights at 10. 20 bucks gets you an hour of skills/drills and an hour scrimmage. Floyd Hall at Montclair U also has clinics, check their website at The biggest thing is to just get out there and keep playing, keep practicing even if it's informal stuff like open hockey.

If you're looking to make the switch from house league to HNA though I'd say go for it 100%. I doubt I'd go back to house league unless HNA folded.
I live close by so I go to the clinics at Floyd Hall a lot, they usually have one Thursday evenings (times vary, generally around 9:30) and Sunday mornings at 8:10. It's an hour, they start with skating, then some puck drills, other drills (2 on 1's, etc), and generally finish with a 10 minute scrimmage. There's usually a really wide mix of skill levels, you get a few people who can barely skate up to a few guys who probably play in C leagues.

I like it, the mix of skills is nice because then you play with some better guys who can push you. And the instructors are good about mixing up the drills so it's not the same stuff every week.

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