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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Are you saying that athletically talented youths in Québec are choosing other professional sports as their goal instead of hockey? Which other professional sports do you have in mind? The year-round weather in Québec isn't as favorable as it is in many states in the US, so it's unlikely that we will see many from PQ in MLB or the NFL. On the other hand, the Québec winters are long and outdoor ice is generally available free to anyone who owns a pair of skates. Therefore, most kids learn to skate at a very early age. Of course, organized hockey at the youth level is expensive, so the less talented (as well as some of the less affluent) kids will drop out.
It would appear that way, which is why I'd be interested in reading some articles to see if it's actually happening. Soccer, short-track, snowboarding, moguls, golf and football are all more popular today than say, 20-30 years ago though I'm unsure about baseball.

I'm just not prepared to buy into the belief that cost, immigration, drafting bias, etc are legitimate issues within Quebec. The number of kids playing hockey appears to be at least stable, all of North America has been dealing with non-Europeans being the majority of new immigrants since the 1970s, if not before and a pro-anglo bias against Quebecers is based on personal belief and emotions, nothing factual. Just the sort of thing people use for pot-stirring the public.

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