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07-24-2010, 12:37 PM
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I don't think you need a lot of money or need to get the high end models.

Mine were $200. Most of us are never going to be pros, and will unlikely see the difference between a $300-400 skate to a $700 one. Thats at least how i see it. It should be about comfort, not which ones look nice. And let's face it, most boots today are generally appealing and aren't really fugly. Sure we will all have our personally tastes, but i think comfort trumps that especially as you felt the pain of bad skates. I don't really like the mission line aesthetically, but they had steep discounts so of course i tried it. Felt very narrow for my liking, but at least i tried it.

If i were you, i'd try to find some used exchange stores in your area and keep tracking craigslist. I think you can find some used Grafs (if you really want comfort/moldability). Regular price they are expensive, but i've seen some used Grafs for $60 in used but decent condition at our local consignment store. Could go cheaper, but most need new runners, which aren't that expensive either.

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