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07-24-2010, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Kezia View Post
Yes, he is doing an acceptable job as league commissioner.

In terms of new teams/relocation, he swung and missed with the Florida Panthers, the Atlanta Thrashers and the Phoenix Coyotes. These three franchises have had little to no success and are not filling the seats. As for the Dallas Stars, Carolina Hurricanes, Nashville Predators, Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche and the Anaheim Ducks he has found some good American markets with a pretty loyal fan base. The jury is still out on the Bluejackets who could become a very successful franchise if Howson's work pays off. You can't blame the man for trying to expand his business and exploit new markets, the league could have been worse off if he would have sat on the group of teams he started off with (Tampa Bay and San Jose were not his doing by the way).

Watering down the league is not what he is doing, there is so much talent out there in the world that you can have a very competitive league with over 600 players from across the globe. Each draft, of the 7+ players each team drafts only 1-2 ever make it to the league. It's still the best of the best that are playing. The large array of players also brings more chances of potential top players and interesting story lines for marketing the game. I'd even argue that the salary cap chasing away NHL level players to other European pro hockey leagues is doing more to "water down" the level of competition.

As for the NBA comparison, the NHL will never become a joke like that league.
The product was watered down in the mid-90s with the expansions. It was an unavoidable shortcoming of expanding the league. Thing is, we've spent more than a decade now with the same constant number of teams, and the league has become undiluted as it was in the early years of the big expansion of the 90s. I think this league has never seen as much talent. The last time it was close to that is when there were only 6 teams, and at that time, scouting wasn't what it is today.

If we keep it up at 30 teams, in 10 years from now, the competition will be feirce in the league, and there will be much less difference between the last place team and the first place team.

A new expansion will be in the works in the next 10 years.

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