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04-08-2005, 07:33 AM
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Originally Posted by DRL
i'd stil take blake and foote over redden and chara right now nad for the next few years, vaananen is more polished than volchenkov, phillips is a better #3 than skrastins but liles, bougher and sauer are a better bottom 3 than de vries who was horrible last year, simpson and pothier.

dont see how that "blows colorado's out of the water"

Redden and Chara are a MUCH better top 2 than Foote and Blake. As much as I like Foote and Blake(and don't get me wrong I think both are extremely good D men) they are both getting older and have become injury prone. Even when healthy, I don't think they compare to Chara and Redden. Chara is right up there with Pronger, Niedermayer and Lidstrom(in competition for "Best D man in the League"). Redden is in the "second tier" along with Blake, Ohlund, Jovo, Gonchar and Foote. As far as skills are concerned, either Blake or Foote may be compareable to Redden, but none of them are on Chara's level. IMO you are underestimating how dominant Chara has become over the last 2 years.

Have you really seen enough of either of Vaananen or Volchenkov to say one is "more polished" than the other? As far as I'm concerned both are good young D men that have yet to reach their full potential. They are a wash. Vaananen may be more solid in his own end right now, but Volchenkov has an offensive side that Vaananen could only dream of(and yes, I do admit that Vaananen has a lot of offensive potential waiting to be tapped).

You are much higher on Bougner and Sauer than I am. I was giving you guys a slight edge in the Liles/De Vries Comp, but Pothier and Simpson( TSN still has him listed on Ottawa's roster) beat Bougner and Sauer IMO(IMO Bougner is no better than Jeff Finley). Not only that, but look at your respective farm teams. Ottawa has defensive prospects with high upside(Mezaros, Lyman and Platil)m, you guys don't(you have Boychuk(who I admit is a decent prospect) but after him you prospect pool is lacking). I don't just look at your starting 6. Injuries happen and that has to be taken into account(you guys should know that considering how often Foote and Blake have hit the IR over the last 5 years). If Ottawa gets into injury trouble they have enough depth to over come it, you guys don't. If any of your starters go down the Av's will be in big trouble on D(especially if it's Blake or Foote that goes down). Top to bottom Ottawa's D core is better(much better on th top end) than Colorado's.

And let me re-interate: I am a Blues fan. I am not making these statements from an "anti Av's" perspective. I think the Av's Defense is good(easily on par with St. Louis'(you have a slight edge on your top end players but our bottom 4 are better)), but it does not rank in the top 5(or top 10 IMO). Ottawa's D DOES rank in the top 5(I have them at number 5 exactly).

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