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10-02-2003, 09:09 AM
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I started this earlier, now I'll finish it - Leafs payroll

The Additions to this year.

Free Agents
Bryan Marchment $2 Mill
Joe Nieuwendyk $2 Million
Ken Klee $1.5 Mill
Owen Nolan $6.5 Mill

Pay Increases
Bryan McCabe - $2.85 - $3.5 Mill (+ $650 000)
Antropov - $925 - Same but with bonus'

Doug Gilmour - $4 (Would have taken a paycut)
Jonas Hoglund $1.54 Mill (Would have been forced to take a paycut)
Paul Healey - $950 000
Glen Wesley - $2.5 Mill (I think he got that in Carolina)
Robert Svehla $4 Mill (Retired)
Jyrki Lumme - $1.75 (Blows Goats)

So they have added $12.65 Million but lost $14.74 meaning their payroll is actually less than last years. That's inlcuding the addition of Owen Nolan and you could argue that he would have been in last years budget, so he wouldn't have been an addition to the payroll. Coming from a business that profits Millions and Millions of dollars every year, it's pathetic that they say their hands are tied. I was just curious to see where the payroll actually was. I guess you can say it's in good shape for the work stoppage.

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