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For many people, it's more important to find something fun that you can stick with that going after the most efficient fat-burning method.

Fortunately, skating (as it pertains to hockey) is actually an effective fat-burner if coupled with the right diet. Given the nature of the sport though, it's imperative that you eat properly.

A sport like hockey requires a decent amount of carbohydrates and protein in the diet. Your body needs those carbs as fuel to keep those leg muscles of yours going, and it needs the protein to repair the tissue. Since fat loss is your goal... remember that you don't have to go eat fatty meat products to get that protein. Beans, legumes, and some whey protein isolate supplements are all good ways to ingest protein while reducing fat intake.

What's really killing you is the lack of breakfast. Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day and is essential to kickstart your metabolism. Also, remember that calories ingested in the morning give you the whole day to burn them off. If you go eat a big dinner, you're leaving yourself with far less time to expend this energy. Have you ever wondered why breakfast items are almost always high carb/high calorie selections (eggs, sausage, toast, bacon, cereal, pancakes, waffles, etc etc)?

It's been proven that people who eat more for breakfast will wind up eating less throughout the day.

The water thing is a good idea when you do it right, but you are most certainly doing it wrong. When you are hungry you need to eat. If you do not eat, your body will go into conservation mode. Your energy level will drop, your metabolism will slow itself down, and if you do this for too long your body will start burning its own muscle tissue for fuel. Sometimes, however, people are just thirsty/dehydrated, and they mistake this thirst for hunger and eat. Thus, it is important to drink water consistently throughout the day so that your body is never dehydrated. By the time you physically feel thirsty, it is already too late.

My advice to you is to eat MORE, but to also eat smarter. Think of breakfast as the cornerstone meal that provides your body with the energy to make it through the day. Every other meal you eat is just a quick little boost to keep you going.

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