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07-24-2010, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by pucko View Post
Yes, it is my impression that, simply put, you store energy (carbs) before the game and then use up this energy during the game and then replenish it with post game snacks. Which leads me to believe that it is hard or impossible to burn fat this way. But If I cannot burn fat, I cannot lose weight even if I played 7 days a week. So answering my own question, I can come to a conclusion that it is not possible to lose weight JUST playing hockey. Maybe I am wrong. I just read different sources and I am always confused about those things.
You are wrong. You're misunderstanding the way your body uses energy. If you're exercising, you will have say a 4000 calorie energy expenditure. If you're consuming 3500 calories, your body will have to find it somewhere. If you were eating properly, this would be mainly as fat. Now, there are other factors, the thermic demands of digesting food, your metabolism, your activity level. Obviously, if you overstrain an energy system, your body will stop prioritizing muscle, start eating up on it and your energy levels will drop drastically (how can your body go on eating 2000 calories when needing 4000?). You're most likely full of cortisol lol, stop stressing your body so much, or fuel it the right way.

Hockey is actually one of the best sports to lose weight.

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