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Originally Posted by pucko View Post
My biggest problem is that I have late night food cravings. I thought that only those fat couch potatoes have those type of problems. But I've been very active for many years. Perhaps I have food cravings for different reasons. Maybe I just don't eat enough during the day... But it is frustrating when I have a hunger attack a couple of hours after eating a normal dinner. So I continue munching. And then one of those days I finally decide to put an end to this nonsense and just go cold turkey and then I don't know where to draw the line. I used to get away with those instinctive unscientific approaches in the past since it sort of worked without much suffering. Not anymore since I started to play hockey.
The late night eating is basically pointless, you're more or less done using energy for the day, you don't need food at 11 pm. But don't go overboard and cut other meals, stick to 3 meals a day, just make them healthy meals and reasonable portions. Lots of eggs, chicken, lean beef, vegetables and fruit, minimal dairy (stay away from cheese) and carbs, virtually no refined sugars and fats. I generally like to think that for most of our evolutionary history we've been hunter/gatherers, it's a hunter/gatherer, not an agricultural diet that our bodies are adapted for, so eating like a hunter gatherer (meat/fruits/veg) is the most natural and healthy way to go. If you eat a healthy diet, with 3 meals a day, and stay away from late night snacks for long enough, your body should adapt and your late night cravings should mostly go away.

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