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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
It's not Smithson's fault, it's Trotz's fault for putting him out there with him. Legwand's production is pretty predictable depending on his linemates. If he has guys that can score, his numbers go up, if he has guys that have minimal offensive skills, the numbers go down. It was proven last year. Play with Smithson and Ward for a bulk of the year and his numbers stunk. Play with Dumont in the playoffs and his numbers were the best on the team.

Will the real David Legwand show up this year? Who knows. Will Trotz put him in a position to score points with linemates that are his equal offensively, another big question mark. Having a fourth line grinder who's best offensive move is dump and chase is not going to help anyone score goals.
Smithson was put on the line at the beginning of the season with Legwand due to injuries. Smithson scored 6 quick goals and then scored 3 the rest of the year. When a player goes 40 games without scoring a goal then it's more than just linemates. Dumont was moved on different lines with whoever and he scored. I'm sure Trotz went through the thoughts that if Legwand would wake up and be somewhat the player he was supposed to be. Then after a period of time he just played Legwand to his strength which is defensive. If Legwand was paid 3.5ml instead of 4.5ml then I wouldn't be that alarmed. Which would free up some more money to add to the offensive. You made the statement "I've never expected Legwand to put up monster offensive numbers". But you keep referring to the year that he scored 27 goals. If you don't pay a player the top salary on the team for monster offensive numbers then what do you pay him for. You don't pay top salary for defensive. Those go to defenseman.

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