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07-24-2010, 07:51 PM
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What we do often times on my roller team is work a diamond. Best defender covers point (and god forbid the 2 on 1 the other way lol), 1 defender and winger set up near each faceoff circle, 1 guy in front of the net.
Try and work it around the top 3 guys as best you can. D man at point can blast shots in either to try to score or for rebounds. Guys at circles try to work puck in and get an open shot or if they're skilled enough deke in and then shoot. Guy in front goes for screens/ defelections, and sometimes sneaks to one side of the net for a pass if someone breaks in towards the net.

Works well against zone D. Can work with man on man if someone's a skilled dangler.

I'm an absolute plug and skate like I'm on horse tranquilizers, but even I score with this system by cleaning up the garbage in front of the net, sneaking to one side of the net for a one timer, or deflections. My teammates have scored off me screening or just getting open from puck movement and sniping a corner.

Idk how well this works for others, but when it's possible it works for my team pretty well

EDIT: Forgot to put (but fairly obvious) that your D-man working into the zone better be a fast skater to get back to help out on D if you guys lose possesion

For D we do kinda a 1-1-2 setup. 1 guy (more often then not the guy that was in front of the net) forechecks hard deep in their zone to give the other 3 time to drop back. 1 guy forechecks around mid court (or ice) to slow down the rush (and lets the first forechecker jump back in the play), with the 2 D hanging back. Once in D zone, usually keep 1 guy around the net to move screen or step up if someone gets deked out, 1 guy near the point pressuring the D, and 2 on either side part way between the blueline and the net. Guy near point collapses to cover slot when puck is moved in deep.

This works alright for us but not as well as our offensive set up. Any suggestions on how to improve would be greatly appreciated

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