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07-24-2010, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Lundqvist4Vezina View Post
Guys, I believe this list is based off of last season. Not since the lockout... But if it is, Lundqvist is third, at the least. Note: I can't see the article. It's saying it's not found. is the full link. The way it's written makes it sound like it could be either Top Ten of last year or Top Ten of past few years.

Who are the top 10 padded guardians of the corded igloo in the NHL right now? The Stanley Cup playoffs really got people thinking more about questions like that, with a re-examination around the league about just how important goalies really are.
This could lean both ways, but sounds more like Top Ten of past few years.

Ward might be the one guy I'd stick in there if I had a do-over on this column actually. His saves percentage was better (.916-.913) than Luongo's, for instance.
Those are 2009-2010 statistics only.

And he's won a Cup and taken a team to a conference final since 2006. And yet, he wasn't brilliant last year, either. A tough call either way.
And now back towards past few years.

The writer doesn't really quantify the time period. And although I don't think he means just the past season alone, I could see why he would put Lundqvist @ #8 for last season. Statistics-wise, it was an "off" season for him, about as "off" as you can get yet still carry the team on your shoulders every night and win 30+ games.

If he's saying this list is for the last few seasons (or since the lockout) he's crazy.

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