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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
The USHL is getting stronger as a league now that the USNDTP has joined the league. The USNDTP gets most of the top talent in the USA under the age of 17-18 for the most part, and have been turning out quaility blueliners this decade. Having USHL players go up against some of the best players in the US should only help improve the league.

The fact that you can keep the rights of the players you draft out of the USHL for 4 or 5 years (depending on when they go to the NCAA) so it's also the longest you can keep someones rights (outside of Russians since they may never sign a PTA again)
Well it clear my head a little now if your saying that USHL player are getting stronger and better, because it was getting me worried a bit. I still feel that OHL and WHL players are better, imo. Look at the LHJMQ, nobody want to draft from them anymore, well not at a ratio there wre draft in the past, and seeing the USHL getting more picks was making me asking myself some questions.

Hope we can see our USHL develop well, i stilL have hope for Max Pac, and big hope for Tinordi and some for Leblanc. Maybe the next 2-3 years will make us happy..i hope.

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