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07-25-2010, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
And I don't get what's the big deal with RDS following what's going on with French Canadian players from HERE. This channel is basically only available here in Quebec. They try to promote the QJMHL, to help develop OUR KIDS. Is that so bad? Their families, their friends, their whole cities are watching, hoping to know what's going on with that kid they grew up next to.

TSN love having Toronto kids on the air. When Cammelleri signed with us, they had this whole "Toronto-based" interview with him on Landsberg's show. I don't watch TSN a whole lot but I'm sure they do that often.

And what's wrong with interviewing Gervais? The guy is a player, he speaks French, he's articulate... Would you rather they interview Lance Armstrong about what he thinks on the Kovalchuk contract? Maybe a lot of players declined commenting on that stuff... And of course they're going to try and get a French speaking player, because their audience is French speaking...

A lot of you guys really dig HARD to find some conspiracy/nationalistic theories or agenda behind everything RDS says or does. YES, sometimes they can be stupid about stuff. Especially when it's draft time... Yes, sometimes, they do pimp up French Canadian players, or blame the Habs for not going after certain players based on their French-Canadianism. And it's lame. But some of you are trying way too hard here, and it's starting to sound like intolerance.
I've always noticed the worst proponant of this french conspiracy are anglos from Montreal. Maybe they feel surrounded or something. lol

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