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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
I think it should be.
It goes back to what I talked about in other threads that the Habs are too detached from this society. They come off too much as "just another team" while being closer to it, it could help them on the long run. I mean you have millions of little boys hoping to be a Hab, millions of guys that likes hockey willing to help this organization. Yet the Habs close their heads, put their hands over their ears and say bla bla bla and act like secretive sect that only want to think their way. Hell Gauthier pretty much admited to it(stays in hs hotel room, doesn't watch tv to get himself influenced, etc...).
Big mistake if you start doing that. Does the Leafs only hire guys from Ontario? Canucks from BC? You limit your self to a small population by doing that, thus propably hiring someone less competent than another guy available. Who says the best coach available was from the Q? In fact, I doubt he was.

You get hired because you are good, period. Boucher had multiple offers last year including assistant coach in Edmonton. Boucher would have gotten hired even without the Habs. It is NOT true that guys from the Q only get chances from the Habs. Be good, and you will be noticed and hired, as simple as that.

You think all guys from Ontario dream of helping the Leafs? Life does not work that way. Once you are hired, you do your best for the organization that hired you, does not matter if its the Habs or the Trashers! Do you have a job? How old are you? It would explain some of your comments!

What you wrote could be said about every single NHL canadian team and does not make any sense. Sorry, but that is a fact.

Did it ever occur to you that Quebec is very behind in its hockey programs and development vs. the rest of Canada? That our guys are probably not as good (players and coaches, with a few rare exception)? Honestly, who cares that they all want to be a Habs, they are not the best out there in general. It's not fun admiting these things being from Quebec myself, but recognizing our poor hockey programs would be the first step in improving them. Hiring only from the Q would probably make the Habs even worse in the long run. I don't understand why people don't understand that???

If Michel bergeron said so, than the truth as to be the oppsosite

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