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Originally Posted by CHfan4ever View Post
Well it clear my head a little now if your saying that USHL player are getting stronger and better, because it was getting me worried a bit. I still feel that OHL and WHL players are better, imo. Look at the LHJMQ, nobody want to draft from them anymore, well not at a ratio there wre draft in the past, and seeing the USHL getting more picks was making me asking myself some questions.

Hope we can see our USHL develop well, i stilL have hope for Max Pac, and big hope for Tinordi and some for Leblanc. Maybe the next 2-3 years will make us happy..i hope.
Yes the USHL is getting stronger, as the USNDTP helps and across the US the overall hockey program continues to make big strides. But I wouldn't try and compare it with the CHL, it's not fair to the USHL, even though both are their countries top junior leauges, you need to keep a few things in context. First the CHL has been around for a long time and has the history of being the best development league in the world while the USHL has been around since the '60's in different forms, it only recently became a junior league.

With the rule change in '05 by the NCAA, kids could now be drafted out of the USHL and not lose their NCAA rights. So this forced scouts to pay more attention to the USHL and we are seeing that now with some teams looking to that league since you know the CHL is going to be heavily scouted as it is every year.

Also keep in mind the difference of the leagues. In the CHL you are looking at mostly 4 or 5 years (since they can return as overagers) but in the USHL, since it's a feeder league, kids mostly are there for a year or two, some more of course, if they need to make the grades to make the NCAA or want to try and bulk up more before stepping up to the NCAA.

The OHL and WHL are going to continue to be the top development leagues in hockey, just as the Q will have it's good years and it's bad years, but that doesn't mean you can't find very good players in other leagues and it doesn't mean that everyone should go the CHL route as different things are good for different players.

If you go the USHL route, you get longer to look at your prospects, plus they are NCAA bound so they will be playing against older more physically mature players, and you hope that you get lucky and find some kids that have been underscouted. In the CHL you get the NHL style training, the long schedule against a high level of competition. But it's also an area that will be hard to find many hidden gems since the CHL is so heavily scouted.

Personally I don't care where a player is drafted, to me if you draft the right ones, you will be ok. I think the Habs have had more trouble at the development stage then they have had at the draft table, but there have been hits and misses across the board.

Originally Posted by Schooner Guy View Post
We didn't take anyone from the USHL in the 1st round of 2010 draft. No, Tinordi didn't play in the USHL.

Thread should be closed on account of ignorance. Sorry but any self-proclaimed fan of the Habs should know where their most recent 1st rounder played.
The USNDTP re-joined the USHL for a second time (they were apart of the USHL back when Komisarek was with the USNDTP).

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