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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Well, you saw the same things I did, and he is only 20 yo. Solid frame, moves well, will take the body, sounds like McDonagh, doesn't it? but he wasn't drafted by Timmins, thus underrated here.

The other reason I have him possibly as high as #5-6 is that many of our guys are being vastly over-rated imo.

I don't think the following players have much NHL IMPACT potential:

Louis Leblanc (hockey is not a priority for him), Yannick Weber (size and speed issues), Ben Maxwell (hockey sense and commitment issues), David Desharnais (size and speed issues), Ryan White (speed and hockey sense issues).

I also think a 4th-5th defenceman is worth more than a 4th line forward, and maybe most 3rd line forwards, and I see Pateryn as a future Gorges with better physique. That puts him ahead of the Whites and Palushajs imo.

I see 4 categories of prospects:

A: Potential NHL Real Stars

B. Potential NHL Above-average contributors

C. Potential NHL useful contributors
Kristo (probably clseest to a 'B' grade)
Schultz (upside limited to notable 4th liner)

D. Potential NHL filler or not enough information to make a prediction YET
Everyone else
lol...montreal is a polite guy so he probably won't reply like me...but what the ****? Some of your arguements are retarded. Hockey is not a priority for Leblanc? why? because he's spending an extra year in one of the most prestigious universities on the planet? C'mon. Maxwell no hockey sense? Of course the guy has hockey sense. I'll let committment pass, because I'll assume you mean he's lack of physical committment at the NHL level in terms of getting his nose dirty. Not sure how you can say Leblanc, maxwell, engvist, bennett, carle, white and so on are NHL fillers at best, but greg pateryn and Schultz will be 'useful NHLers'...White for instance already has the mold of a guy who will be a useful bottom 6 guy but the unproven shultz is on the list. Not sure what you're thinking.

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