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Originally Posted by ymorin007 View Post
I understand that most of the rumors will not happen but people have to not get emotional attach to the rumor and just have fun with them because if you look at those boards each time someone post a rumor then most of the time they get the most views and reply from all the post. So I think we can have a market for this type of site.

If Google would have ask you your input about creating another Search engine would you have told them "Sorry but Yahoo already beat you to the market of Search Engine." We can always do better.
There's a market for almost any type of site if you

A) Advertise by google
B) Do the site right.

I like your ideas and those submitted by another user above and I think a tracking system for these rumor artists could be good. For all we know Eklund has one of the better accuracies out there, it would be nice to find out exactly how accurate these people are.

Only problem I see is getting Eklund and other people to use it themselves. I think you'd be better off deligating that type of thing to users from within the community and the guy in charge of Eklund rumors will post anything Eklund writes about, that is until Eklund himself chooses to claim his site and use it. I've heard rumors out of TSN and other sports networks as well, would it include their rumors too? Because again I think it would be difficult to have the people (who are for lack of a better word) producing these rumors to get them into using the site before seeing it in action.

Or else it would be a pretty pointless site and if people don't see it in action right away they may not pay it a second visit.

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