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07-25-2010, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
It's all out of default. He has the most points in Preador history-- who is he competing against for this? 5 years of Cliff Ronning? 7 years of Scott Walker? Erat is the only real competition, and he started in the NHL 2 years later.

We'll leave last year's stats out the equation, since playing with Smithson for half the time killed any chance of him scoring a goal Lets take his first 9 years in the league... mostly all on scoringline getting loads of icetime and 3-4 minutes of PP time a game. 9 years on a scoringline and 369 points. I challenge you to find any NHL scoringline player who's scored less in 9 years.

In terms of the "heart of lion"... I was impressed in 06-07 when he battled hard. He's not strong, yet still went the front of the net and took a beating. Still battled in the corners, eventhough he was the one on his but most of the time. And his stats went up. That kind of play has been nearly non-existent since he signed his big contact, until the playoffs last year. Where has that willingness been? But yea, yea, it's all the Legwand haters dreaming it up. Well leave out that Trotz has said repeatedly he needs to more assertive in his play and Poile has said he has to step it or "he's not going to be happy."

I don't hate Legwand, I just don't think he has what it takes to reliable scoringline player in the NHL. Yes, he's stats would go up if he was playing with Ovechkin 22 minutes a game, but so would Patrick Kjellberg, Cliff Ronning, Radek Bonk, Sergie Krivokrasov, and <insert any name>. IMO, he's a great 3rd line cetner who can play 2nd line if he has linemates that will generate the load of the offense. Unforunatley, he's not paid to to be a borderline 2nd/3rd liner.

And there's the point I disagree with. He's not paid to be a 3rd liner yet his coach puts him there with 3rd and 4th line talent.

You say he's been on a scoring line his 9 years here. Playing with Kjellberg, Krivakrasov, Johansson and everyone he's played with does not make him a top line center or player. He was put in that position because no one else on the roster had any talent. Also, when a team knows that he's the only talent on a team, they can put their checking line out against him and nullify his skills. The reason good team are hard to shut down are because of depth of lines and players. If you have one good line, matchups will usually outweigh talent on the ice. When we did add talent, Legwand produced just fine. When he was bumped down to talentless lines, he didn't fare as well.

Arnott put up decent numbers while he was here because he always had offensive players on his lines, always. If Legwand were always given top line talent and PP time equivalent to that of Arnott, I'm sure the numbers would've been comparable. I also would've liked to have seen what Arnott would've done with guys like Smithson and Ward and his wings for a season.

I also like that you have this notion that Legwand isn't physical or goes to the corners or does things to help the team win games. He is easily our best forechecker, will go to the net on the PP, unlike most of our guys, skates hard every shift and most of all, never complains about the way he's being used or making excuses for his lack of offense. He is a team guy and does what is asked of him.

I would love to see him take his game to the next level and be a complete all around player at both ends of the ice. I would hope the playoffs are his wake up call.

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