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Originally Posted by pucko View Post
Yes, I thought about that. Doing hockey and weight training, I've developed pretty strong legs. I wasn't really paying attention until one day I flexed those quads and I was like wow look at all those bumps and ridges, never had those heh. Well, I realize that muscle is heavier that fat. I just don't know how to quantify that. Also, it is not just the weight, it is appearance too. If you still have pretty noticeable belly fat/love handles then no matter how you explain the numbers you still know it is not quite working.
Simple way: get yourself one of those body fat measuring tapes. If you're losing weight your waist is gonna get thinner. The more effective and accurate method is to get body fat calipers, and track it that way. You can find those things on any site that sells fitness products, my favorite is I go to them for pretty much everything I need. However if you don't want to pay shipping on a pretty cheap item, you'll find that stuff at most health and fitness type stores too.

There are days where the scale may not change, but the inches will.

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